donderdag 8 september 2016

Equites Brachiati Seniores & a burial mound

Long time since the last post, as painting has been slow and real life intervened. Ah well ...

This unit are the Equites Brachiati Seniores, one of ten Vexillationes Palatinae of the Western Magister Equitum. More info to be had here: LINK.

These are Romano-British Cavalry (PAA-01) from Old Glory. Most of their floppy swords were cut off and replaced with firm wire spears. That horrible looking Draco standard that came with it was removed as well.

Another four are standing ready to be painted as the Equites Cornuti Seniores.

Not long ago they showed that ridiculous King Arthur (2004) movie on the TV. Historically just plain bad with the retreat from Britain and Saxon invasion in the reign of Constantine, etc; but visually there were some nice features. One of these was the graveyard with small burial mounds with a sword on top.

So I made one out of cardboard and filler putty for walls on a large washer ring with a plastic sword from one of the Perry WOTR boxes. And a GW plastic skull was added for effect.

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  1. Love the mound! I think I might make one as well!

    1. Thanks! Graves are only natural in a wargame I gues ;p