vrijdag 31 juli 2015

Post & photo testing

 I'm posting this to check if the layout and photos all look good on the blog.

This is a unit of ECW Cuirassiers from Old Glory. These were a cheap second-hand buy just so I could see how well OG figures looked in the flesh, because we all know the pictures on their site aren't really all that great.
They have been based in a triangular formation and make it look more as if they're charging.

Commander, standard bearer and trumpeter.
The deadliest weapon in their arsenal; the pistol-butt.

Dirty Harry's ancestor; Dirty Henry of Leicester.

woensdag 29 juli 2015

Blog Manifesto

This will be a place to record my progress on various miniature armies ranging from Ancients to the renaissance. And a little bit of Undead for the upcoming Dungeon Rampant.

Currently working -slowly- on Renaissance Swiss troops and a Italian City Militia; a Late Achaemenid Satrapal force; and the aforementioned Undead.