zondag 15 mei 2016

Milites Votadinorum II

Here's some progress on my warriors for my Sub-British army. The first photo's are without the shields so you can have a clear look at them, obviously. they are metal figures from Curteys Miniatures and picked these up at Salute. I screwed up the drilling with one of the unarmoured soldiers so now I turned him into a lefty to hide his hideously deformed right hand under a shield.
There are only four different armoured figures (without counting the two of the command section) but with some creative swithing of spear arms I think I pulled of enough of distinctiveness for each individual figure.
One of them seems to have gotten sculpted with some tight trousers which look okay when coloured with flesh tones to simulate bare legs.

A cavalry unit is also ready although they still need their shields.
More of them are standing ready and primed; one warrior unit and one elite; an archer unit; and a priest.

Here are the units with their shields; the Batavi and Heruli Seniores, who according to the Notitia Dignitatum were always brigaded together.
I chose these because they fought under Caesar Julianus at the battle of Argentoratum and hopefully I can build this entire Roman force that was present there.

(Dammit, I was to quick to take pictures. Forgot to flock the bases of the Heruli Seniores)