zondag 20 december 2015

Calling in artillery!

Another piece of the load of lead I got at Crisis 2015, not mentioning the mountain of plastics.

Two pieces of metal Perry's artillery with crew; one for the Swiss and the other for the Burgundians.
Nothing fancy has been done to them apart from two headswaps for the Swiss.
The Burgundians got one headswap and a palissade that hopefully looked like a piece of the Grunhag at Morat. ( Lifted the idea from Mick_in_Switzerland on the Lead Adventure forum ;p )

vrijdag 11 december 2015

Burgundian Pikemen

Taking a small break from the Swiss resulted in this unit. A lightly armoured group of pikemen led by an important knight, perhaps a Household one (going by the looks of his splendid outfit and helmet).

All of them are plastic Perry Mercenaries with bits from the WoTR and MaA boxes.
The standard bearer, without a standard, is an ordinary plastic pikeman with strategic cuts to both wrists to get the current flag-waving pose.

You might have noticed that I took a note or two from that excellent blog "Je lay emprins", go check it out if you haven't already.

One final note; it took me a while before I realised that my ancestors lived in the Burgundian Low Countries; Duchy of Brabant to be exact. And I still do today, what made me kind of sad that I don't know more of my country's past. But then again, these are not the things they focus on at all here in the history classes in school.

zondag 6 december 2015

Swiss vignettes

Two vignettes I made this last month after doing my shopping at Crisis 2015.

One's a standard bearer, supported by two arquebusiers. He carries the flag of the Swiss confederacy and awaits the company of two others; one who will carry the flag of Solothurn and the other the flag of the Herrschaft Rotberg. These are already painted but are left off the vignette until I'll have the flags in question.
The figures are all plastic Perry's with the flag being from Brody's Banners which I got from that lovely couple of Redoubt Enterprises at Crisis.

The second vignette was, although simple, a lot of fun to make. A Swiss champion hacking a bloody path through the Burgundian opposition. He himself is a plastic Perry Foot Knight while his victims are from the metal WoTR casualties, with extra tidbits added.

I tried to give the falling victim a spinning movement like you sometimes see in the movies. The arrow which he was cast with was of course cut away.

 The Man-At-Arms was given a scabbard, sword and buckles, although it didn't do him any good against a Swiss broadsword. The other got a leftover plastic arquebus from the Mercenaries set and the last one an emptied out plastic Burgundian helmet.