zondag 20 september 2015

Semi-unit of Halberdiers 2

"Well, I don't like to toot my own horn but... toot, toot!"
A second unit of halberdiers which will have to wait for their reinforcements from Crisis 2015 in november.
All are Perry's plastic Foot Knights or Mercenaries and have been slightly modified to hold halberds instead of their foot knight weapons.

The musician has received an arm from the Dark Age Warriors-box from Gripping Beast; thanks to the kind help of Codsticker. His other arm is from the Mercenaries-box and got a halberd pushed into his hand instead of an arquebus.

 The commander is the most converted of the bunch. He got the plumes from a metal Swiss head, got his arms cut in different places to give them a better pose and received a sword-holding hand from the Mercenaries command sprue.

Next up is a decent command stand for the army.

donderdag 10 september 2015

Semi-unit of Halberdiers 1

These is the first half of a unit of Solothurner halberdiers. Made up from the Perry's Foot Knights box and a single figure from their Mercenaries box.

Apart from the musician every figure is (slightly) converted to hold halberds instead of their given arms. The leader is the most modified as you can see; now he lets his left arm rest on the hilt of his sword while waving around his primary weapon.

I have left six open spaces which will be filled up with EA1 and EA3 metal halberdiers from European Armies-range from Perry. These (and doubtlessly other packs) will be picked up at Crisis 2015 in November.
Thus I will have a decent mix of well armoured to decent to unarmoured men in this unit and a second one.

 Here's a WIP-photo of the second halberdier unit. Although I'm not completely sure about its commander.