zondag 27 maart 2016

The beginnings of an army for Dux Brittaniarum

I've recently begun with the building of a Sub-Roman (Romano-British) army for Dux Brittaniarum.
It'll be an all metal army, a first for me, comprising mostly of Newline Designs for the ordinary troops,
and Wargames Foundry for the characters and archers.

The starting army as a whole.
The characters are all from the 'King Arthur with Champions and Characters' pack from WF.

The Tribunus with the Labarum-bearer and his Sacerdos.
The two Decurios.

For now I have the shieldbearer of the pack as my Champion, but I'm contemplating of putting
him in the priests place on the Tribunus stand; and instead use the Brynhildr figure from
Bad Squiddo Games as Champion.

The Newline Designs figures are from two packs: Early Saxons and Gothic Warriors. I really
like these figures for their old school appearance. Not quite as detailed as other companies,
they do however paint up well and are relatively cheap too. That's a big plus for me since I have
to do the hobby on a limited budget.

The Comanipulares.
The Milites.
The Sagitarii
First of three units of Numeri.

Apart from spears, shields and basing this unit is finished. I really like how these ND figures look.
Although the stances of the figures are limited, their spear arms are easily bended in new postions
and makes each figure look more unique to one another.
These were painted simple too, each part got a single color, then washed with Vallejo's 'Umber wash',
and then got a quick drybrush. I must say I'm pleased with the result.

Bought these figures on last Crisis event from their booth, nice fellows and all. I guessing I'll be standing
at that booth again next Crisis. (If they come over to the mainland of course)

vrijdag 4 maart 2016

Dismounted Ordonnance Knights

This dismounted unit of Burgundian knights is  a veritable mix of plastic parts. For the most part they are Perry foot knights, with some heads from the mounted MaA-box, two pair of arms from the WoTR box and shield and plumes from some old GW stuff I had lying around. The red sashes of the standard bearer are simple strips of paper glued in position with a drop of superglue. the horses are metal ones from Front Rank's WoTR range.

The next units will be a dismounted unit of Italian mercenary serjeants and a decorative general & base.